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Hope After Rape Conception Board Members are available
to testify before state legislatures on this model legislation. Three of the Board Members are attorneys/law grads—
two of whom had to fight their rapist for custody.  

Another Board Member 
has been involved in a 
custody battle with her 
daughter's rapist. Please 
visit the Board Member 
page for more info.

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Hope After Rape Conception's mission is to assist rape survivor mothers and their children. We seek to ensure  that they are properly protected under the law from the rapist having any parental rights, that they are not cut off from governmental assistance because their children were conceived in rape,and that they do not have to feel that  they are alone in raising their children conceived in rape. 

When a rape victim is pregnant by rape, she should be able to choose to parent her child without having to worry about a life of being tethered to the rapist. The law must be there to protect her and her child. If her choice is adoption, then she should be free to make that choice without interference from the rapist.

As our non-profit grows, we hope to raise funds for scholarships for rape survivor mothers and their children who were conceived in rape to be able to attend college.