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Hope After Rape Conception Board Members are available
to testify before state legislatures on this model legislation. Three of the Board Members are attorneys/law grads—
two of whom had to fight their rapist for custody.  

Another Board Member 
has been involved in a 
custody battle with her 
daughter's rapist. Please 
visit the Board Member 
page for more info.

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Mother's Stories

Pyper's Story, as told by her mother, Angela

It has been almost 18 months since something precious was taken away from our daughter Pyper. She was 14 at the time it happened and it was nearly 5 ½ months later before we found out that not only was our little girl raped, but also pregnant as a result of that ultimate violation. Pyper found out in late April of 2011 that she was pregnant and I can only imagine what it must have been like for her. Even now, my heart breaks for her; about how she felt all alone and scared and felt that she could not come to my husband or me for help. Pyper was raised to believe that a young lady should remain pure until she is married, so obviously, she was embarrassed and ashamed of what had happened to her.

It is important that I share with you that our little girl had been violated because it makes what happens next — the choices she made, even more special. Because of her situation, there are few who would likely fault her if she chose to have an abortion. I hate to admit that, as we were looking for help and guidance from friends, family, and others around us, many encouraged her to do just that.  

This is where Birthright and Trisha Davault come into the picture. We were brought together by a mutual friend. I have to say that I have never met a more honest, sincere, or loving person with a heart for young mothers and young women as Trisha. The very first time I took Pyper to Birthright, we both knew everything was going to be okay and that we had finally found the right place for her and our family. In those early days, we had advice flying at us from all directions. It was all sincere and out of love, but only one place was giving us the right advice — Birthright of Rolla. Trish cried with us and loved us and offered our family the support we needed. Pyper and I started going to mother’s TEA every chance we got and the more we went, the more Pyper believed that she could get through this. Furthermore, she realized beyond a doubt that giving birth to Noah, giving him a chance at life was the right thing to do.

I would love to stand before you and tell you that this has been an easy road, but it hasn’t — especially the criminal proceedings and working to lobby the state legislature; however, having Noah in our lives has helped, and continues to help, our family heal. To look upon his precious little face and to see him smile and watch his momma, has been a blessing straight from Heaven. When I look at him, I see God and His love for our daughter;  I see how He has taken something that was meant for evil and turned it into a beautiful, amazing miracle — a testimony of His love and promise for our lives. Noah did not ask to be brought into the world in the way that he was, but I can say without a doubt, since day one, he has been loved and wanted. God has a plan for him, and Pyper and I are firm believers that it’s not what happens that makes a person who they are, it's how that person chooses to deal with the situation.

Noah is wonderfully growing, and every day I continue to marvel at God's love for our family. Pyper continues in her healing process and when I see him hug her, running his little fingers across her face bringing a twinkle in her eyes, I know we made the right decision. Looking back, I realize that my view on the rape exception was not my own, but what I had been led to believe by well-meaning women and the media. Noah has in no way harmed Pyper or added to her trauma. Actually, it has been the complete opposite; Noah has blessed us and everyone who has had the honor of meeting him in more ways than I will ever be able to put into words.

I don’t know what we would have done without Birthright of Rolla, the wonderful volunteers, and Trish. I would like to believe that our outcome would be the same. I do know it would have been a lot harder on us without the support and love of a place like Birthright. Our future is unknown to us, but it is our belief that we have been tasked with getting the word out that every life is precious. Even though a child is conceived in rape, that does not make their lives worthless. These children have a purpose; God does not make mistakes.

If you are pregnant by rape, I want to encourage you to seek out the help of a pregnancy resource center, and please connect with others from Hope After Rape Conception. You are not alone, and no one should have to go through any of this feeling like they are all alone.

— Angela